Loco LL

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just because...

Just thought these were cute pictures, so I thought I would throw them in here. Isn't India puggy??!! So cute.

Chris and I saw a great movie last night. I have been wanting to see it for so long. Blood Diamond came out on dvd yesterday. It is a hard movie to watch, just like Hotel Rhwanda was, but see it if you can. It is the story about the diamond smuggling in Sierra Leone and the civil war there in the 90's. I am not an expert on the subject but some friends of ours did some mission work with word made flesh there a few years ago working with kids effected by the war. Many lost arms because the rebels cut them off to keep them from voting. Many had been child soldiers and many were raped. They lost parents, siblings, and dignity. The psychological effect on these kids is devastating. Well, the movie also offers a lot of hope in the good side of man too. I was encouraged by that aspect of it, though the issues of Africa are huge.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Look at me Smile!! and mama says I am part Koala.

Wow, I finally got her to smile for the camera. She is smiling more every day and making such cute sounds. She is so content. She loves laying in her swing. I don't even need to turn it on for her to be entertained. She just enjoys laying there looking around. She still sleeps a majority of the day. And last night she slept through the night 8 hrs. Yeah! I hope this is the beginning of a trend.So, is she part Koala?? I Was watching the animal planet last night and saw that the koala sleeps 90% of its life. Also, it is so cute seeing the baby koala on the back of the mama. I love carrying India in the moby wrap or just in my arms. She loves it too obviously. But the one thing that she doesn't do is eat her mamas poop. Did you know baby koalas ate their moms poop. Now that is just not right. But who am I to judge another species. They are still cute. So maybe my baby is just part koala (the part that sleeps and hangs out on her moms back).
In other poop news, my poor Moriah is having the poops today. the kind that "won't come out" as she says. Poor thing is moaning like she is in labor. I don't think she has ever experienced this before. Hopefully it will resolve itself soon because she won't let me leave her side for more than five minutes and she is so miserable. So I have been blogging a little here and there.

Friday, March 16, 2007

What flower are you?

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

This is kind of fun. My friend had it on her blog so I gave it a try. Answer a bunch of questions and see what flower you are. It also will describe you. I don't think it was so right for me, though maybe a little.

2 months!

Wow, I can hardly believe that my child is 2 months!! She has had such a growth spurt over the past month. I thought for sure when I took her to the doctors today that she would be 15 pounds. Well she is only 11.2 lbs. but she is 23 inches. She is my biggest child for sure. While we were waiting for the doctor, she just sat in my arms with an intense gaze into my eyes. She doesn't smile often, she does these cute expressions with her mouth wide opened and her bottom lip goes to one side or the other. She did the same thing for the doctor and made some sweet cooing sounds for her too. A lot of people are bored with this age, but I love it so much. Every day is so fun with her.
I found out yesterday that my boss is going to accept me back one day a week. It will be one 12 hr shift a week. This is great news because it is unusual to find any job that will let you work so few hours with so little experience as a nurse. I don't know if this means she really trusts me or if she is really desperate. Well, I am planning to go back the beginning of May. This will keep my skills fresh. I was worried about forgetting everything if I went too long without working. I am sad to be away from India for 12 hours though. I know it is only one day a week, but it will still be hard.

my new doooo.....

Last night, we had a hair cutting party at my house. Chelsea Rose is a great hair cutter. She never went to school for it but has a way of sculpting a persons hair until you like it. It was fun. She cuts michelles hair, so she came over and got hers trimmed and then Chelsea started the process. She first made a few pony tails and chopped them off to go to locks of love. Then she just started layering. I had no idea how it would end up, but I like it. I weighed myself this morning and had lost 2 pounds since i weighed myself a few days ago. Was it all in the hair?? I doubt it, but I am sure it helped the cause. Anyways, I feel lighter, and freeer (how do you spell that word anyways!) Better go, I just heard an explosion over in Indias direction.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Daddy and Mo just chillin...

Chris and Moriah had a bonding time yesterday. Moriah likes to follow us around the house so she can do what ever we are doing. It could be sorting laundry, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, working on the computer, putting make up on, shaving, etc. Sometimes we let her do whatever we are doing along side us, and sometimes we just let her pretend. Other times of coarse we need to ask her to find something else to do. This is hard for her at first but she usually will find something she likes to do and stays busy with it for quite some time. She is such a good kid. We are so blessed. Four is a fun age of learning, growing and exploring. I am sad thinking about her growing out of this stage of life.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Full of Cheez!

We had a relaxing weekend. Chris rented a few movies. We watched Babel, Man of the year and some other low budget flick that I forget the name. So I have been quite the vegetable the past few days. I did go shopping yesterday for much needed shirts that actually fit. Now I need some pants. I plan to go to Goodwill whenever I can get away for a couple of hours without the kids.
India is still a good sleeper. She is 7 weeks now. She is smiling a little and follows objects with her eyes. She had a bit of a fever last night and has had three poop explosions today where I have had to change her clothes and get a new blanket all three times!
Alexas friend, Denisse, came over on Sunday for a visit. Much needed girly time for them. Moriah is quite the little actress lately. She likes to perform for our guests. We have had people over a lot lately and she always shakes her booty and does some kind of african dance for them, then she will break out into some gymnastics. No, she has never been in a gymnastics class and I have not taught her anything, so it is interesting to see what creative moves she comes up with. It usually ends with her falling and hitting her head, then getting up and saying, "I'm OK!" Hopefully no braindamage is occurring with these stunts.
India loves her swing. Meesh is lending us this swing. It has a mobile above it. When she is awake she likes to look at the fish spinning.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Moriah snibits...

Moriah has been keeping me busy lately. She has been so bored with staying in the house so much since India has been born. I have been bored too, but not enough to want to jump on a nasty snow covered trampoline which is what she asks every day. So, when we finally got a break from the cold, we took a long walk and hung out at the park for a bit. I also had one of my friends bring over her little girl, Emma (the one hugging our demon possessed dog), who Moriah says is her best friend. They are so cute together. Moriah says some of the most amazing things. Today I asked if she wanted to go to the store with daddy and she said: "But, what if I really really want something and Daddy won't buy it for me." Then she went with him to the store and the only thing she wanted was mac n cheese which Chris gladly bought since it is one of the few things he knows how to "cook."
Last night she was playing with a balloon and then blurted out "Jesus isn't my friend anymore." Well, Moriah is always talking to Jesus when she plays by herself, almost as if he is her playmate. I asked her why he wasn't her friend and she said because he wasn't tossing the balloon back to her when she asked him to. This led us into a great 4 year old theological discussion on how sometimes God answers our prayers in ways we don't expect.
Moriah is at such an amazing stage in life. Her creativity runs deep, and challenges me almost daily. She has made the transition into big sister without too many problems. She likes to kiss and hug India a lot, and this can get a bit rough at times.
We don't know yet if she is going to pre-K at Alexa's school next year. She is on a waiting list. If she doesn't, we'll send her to the same preschool she is in now but for 5 days a week. It is only for a couple of hours, but she needs it and so do I.