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Saturday, December 16, 2006

4 weeks to go...

Is this not the sweetest picture ever. Well, I am a bit biased, but it is just so precious. Last week, we all went out to Wissahickon park and met Joanna Sweeney, who is an amazing photographer. SHe took some great pregnancy photos. This was my very favorite! Moriah kept coming over and kissing my belly when she was trying to take pictures. It was perfect. Moriah has been saying the cutest things lately about wanting to put things inside my belly so India can have them. The cutest was when she saw a pair of baby socks the other day that I had laying out and she said we needed to fit them in my belly so that India's feet could be warm.
Alexa saw how cute Moriah was being and had to be just like her. They both are so excited about India coming soon. They ask every day how much bigger she is.

This is a fun shot. It makes me laugh because Joanna was standing on a fence over a cliff . I kept telling her to be careful, but she just kept climbing. Thank God she didn't fall, but it was very hard to do these shots.
I love this one of Chris and I.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Ok, i haven't updated in a few weeks. I have been so busy. We really enjoyed our time in Huntington for thanksgiving. Though it took me working three 12's in a row before and after our trip, it was really worth it to have that time off and see everyone. My neices and nephews are precious to me. The oldest, Chloe would just come up to me without saying a word and massage my shoulders and feet. This is no ordinary 8 yr old massage either. Casey (chris' brother) has studied reflexology, and I think it has rubbed off on the youngins.
Last weekend, Chris and I did a marriage retreat. It was really great. It was so awesome to just focus on each other. This weekend we have out of town guests, and my mom is coming as soon as they leave. She is taking the girls home with her for a whole week since we are unable to travel for christmas this year. I am looking forward to getting the girls room painted while they are gone.
We have five more weeks before the due date, and still nothing has been done to prepare. Once we get the girls room painted we can start working on the baby room. She is growing so much, I don't know how she can grow anymore because I can barely breathe as it is. My lower back is hurting me more as well. I had the strongest leg cramp of my life last night. I had the scream to get Chris to wake up and help me. So, all of these pains are for a beautiful cause, and I try not to complain.
I had a horrible day at work on monday. Surveyers were at our hospital. We have been expecting them to come for the past few months and they finally came. Everyone has been nervous because they randomly choose a patient to track and they can question any health care worker involved with that patient. Well, guess whose patient got chosen. I am the newest nurse on the floor and it was me! I got pulled off the floor for 2 1/2 hours!! They questioned me on blood procedures, restraint procedures, and a bunch of other things. I did ok, but i was so behind in my day and so brain frazzled by the time i came out. I sat down to try to chart check and get myself organized and i got a call that i was getting the next admission. Thanks a lot to my charge nurse!! Well, anyways, I got through the day with no breaks, and a horrible headache. I came home having not talked to chris all day. usually i try to check in once atleast. He knew that since I hadn't that it must have been a rough day so he had a bath going for me with Norah Jones playing and candles everywhere. He told me to take the night to myself. And I did. He learned a lot in that marriage retreat I guess.
I will post some belly pics soon. We got some cool ones in IN of me and the kids in the leaves.

Here are some more pics I am adding in...This is out in Mt Pleasent where Chris' moms family all lives. It is so beautiful out there, and we lucked out that it wasn't too cold.
Chris' aunt tami has a 4 wheeler with a wagon behind it. She hauled the kids around for about an hour with them screaming at the top of their lungs. They were so tired by the end of the day, and I think Tami must have had a pretty bad headache.

Here are pics of all three girls...

We had so much fun taking these. We did these in front of Chris' parents house. Some neighbors thought it strange to see a pregnant lady laying in a pile of leaves with her belly popping out, but we didn't care. I had pictures of my first two girls as infants in the leaves since they were both born in the fall... I just couldn't wait until India was nearly a year to get her first photo in the leaves.