Loco LL

Friday, September 28, 2007

Moriah Hope is 5!!

I can hardly believe that it has been five years since this little girl made her way into this world. She has brought such fun and so many laughs to our home. She is definitely the clown of the family. She is still my baby though. I was just feeding her the other night when she was being picky at dinner. I think she likes to know she is still my baby, so i let myself baby her from time to time. It won't be long before she doesn't want my help for anything.
SO, we started her day out with a big breakfast before school. We went around and all said something we love about moriah. I took a homemade icecream cake to school for her class (her teacher loved that:) After school she opened her gifts. She got a piano keyboard from grandma, and dvds (little mermaid is her favorite) and aquadots from mimi, and we got her a spider "woman" toy and a bouncy toy that is great for getting some of that energy out of her. Then we went to Nifty Fiftys and she was sang to and got a sundae. It was a fun day and now we are going to have her friend party on sunday. pictures coming.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Blink and you will miss it

Yep, the sweet, quiet, little angel is still sweet, but not so quiet... no more leaving her in one spot with her toys while I get things done...not so much cuddling anymore. It is all about exploring. And her new found skill of cruising. Today I sat her down with her toys and went in the dining room to look at the mail. I was gone 2 minutes. I came back and she was standing with one hand on the coffee table and the other one flapping in the wind with excitement. She loves standing and now she is slowly creeping along furniture too. She claps and does this completely goofy laugh where she will snort like a pig. If I was smart I would get a video of her on here.
tomorrow moriah will be 5!!! I will post pics.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I am a big girl now!!

India is growing up so fast. No longer does she enjoy being in her exersaucer, johnny jumper, or bumbo (she has been able to wiggle herself out of the bumbo for atleast a month now). She is crawling all over the place, she sits up from a laying position and is very close to pulling up and cruising. SHe has 4 teeth coming in on top (6 all togethr). I am giving her cheerios, toast and other finger foods now. I am so glad I only work once a week, i would be missing so much. We are trying to child proof. Not easy with two older girls around.
Chris has been out of town all week. I miss him. Moriah was sick last night. I really missed him this morning:)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Labor Day at the Rivah!

We had such a great week at the rivah. Great breeze, low humidity, pefect water temperature, and a new beach!! Yep, my mom bought us a beach. They delivered it on Thursday afternoon. All 30 tons of sand!! We had a big beach there when I was little but the corrosion and global warming (I guess) took it away. Now we have one and we hope it will last. We have three jetties there to help preserve it. The kids had awesome time rolling around in the river water which they had never done. Oskar kept trying to save them. He would swim out to them and grab their bathing suit or life jacket with his mouth and pull them back in. I guess that's why he is called a retriever.

The girls swam a lot in the big pool as well. It was too cold for me but that didn't keep them from having fun. Alexa is becoming quite the swimmer.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Moriahs in School!!

Chris and I had a tearful day after returning home from dropping off the girls. It hit me when the teacher said we had to say goodbye. I just wanted so badly to be a fly on the wall. It hit chris when we got home and it was so quiet. He asked me to watch cartoons:) Well, we were the only ones sad because when I went to pick her up she skipped to the car singing "fun, fun. fun...fun, fun, fun." She pulled out her new lunch box and told me how she ate all of her food I gave her and loved it all. She told me all about her new friends and the song she learned and that she doesn't take a nap, just a rest. She couldn't wait to see sissy to tell her all about it. good news, alexa is still riding the bus home. we take them in the morning. sounds silly doesn't it. well pre-k is from 8:15-3:15 and the rest of the school is 8:30-3:30(but kids don't really get out until closer to 4. so we drive them together in the morning and alexa is just a bit early and i pick up moriah and alexa gets home on the bus about 15 minutes after we get home rather than me waiting there for her to get out. so though it may be silly, alexa is happy.
we got back from the rivah house last night. pictures to follow as soon as my mom emails them to me. hint! it was perfect weather. i ate too much and relaxed by our new beach. yep, we have a beach. i wake boarded and went on long jogs and ate some more. i read a novel, studied spanish a little, and fished (didn't catch a thing though).
India is crawling, has three teeth now, waves and says bye bye. she stayed with my mom so chris and i could go on a date. she did great. we went to a winery and out to eat at trick dog to celebrate chris' 35th b-day.