Loco LL

Monday, September 24, 2007

Blink and you will miss it

Yep, the sweet, quiet, little angel is still sweet, but not so quiet... no more leaving her in one spot with her toys while I get things done...not so much cuddling anymore. It is all about exploring. And her new found skill of cruising. Today I sat her down with her toys and went in the dining room to look at the mail. I was gone 2 minutes. I came back and she was standing with one hand on the coffee table and the other one flapping in the wind with excitement. She loves standing and now she is slowly creeping along furniture too. She claps and does this completely goofy laugh where she will snort like a pig. If I was smart I would get a video of her on here.
tomorrow moriah will be 5!!! I will post pics.


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