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Monday, August 20, 2007

Who Knew about God Tube??

My mother in law sent me a God tube attachment this morning. Cute stuff. But who knew there was such a thing? Crazy, huh?

Chris brought the kids to see me at work yesterday. It was busy as usual, so I only had a few minutes but I let them sit in the lounge and watch me work. All the nurses got to meet the kids and couldn't stop talking about Indias eyes. She was so smiley for everyone too.
I am going to got orient to a volunteer job at esperanza clinic this week. I am hoping to volunteer once a week, get better at spanish, and then hopefully get a job there within a year. We'll see.
Also, I am going this week for an orientation for as substitute nurse at Alexas school. It will probably be once a month, but it will be fun to see Alexa.
Also, we have like three Eastern University dinners within the next week to go to. Tonight we are leaving all kids with a babysitter. It will be Indias first time with a sitter. I hope it goes ok. But it is an opera night, so I am guessing it is too fancy of an ordeal to take a 7 month old.


At 8:58 AM, Blogger joshua said...

i can't believe godtube. i'm blown away.


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