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Monday, August 13, 2007

Alexa's in School & We are going Swimmin...

Poor alexa came home from her 2nd week of school sad that we had gone to the pool without her. Well, it was getting kind of warm, though not scorching like last week. So, we went for Indias first real swim. We have put her in the pool for short periods of time, but this was the first time I put sunscreen on her, so we stayed in for an hour. We even blew in her face and dunked her. She is a water baby for sure. It didn't bother her in the least. I tried to get a picture of her raisin feet when we got out but you have to look real close.

Now Alexa is working on her spelling words and Moriah is bowling in the basement. Chris is preparing for his new position in his job and India is saying MAMAMAMAMAMA. I think she is hungry. I guess I better go get her some dinner. This week I am going to try giving her pumkin. So far she eats zucchini (because we had two huge ones) and carrots, and bananas and apples.
I ran into a friend, Rachel , last night. She had her baby 2 days before I had India. Her son is so cute and has 2 teeth just like India. Though Rachel says that Riley hasn't bitten her yet. Maybe India is teething again, but man does it hurt. Now I know why my mom gave up nursing at 3 months when I got my 1st tooth.


At 6:43 AM, Blogger Rosabelle said...

Just wanted to say Hi. India is getting so big! Please tell Chris and the girls I say hello.


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