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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Labor Day at the Rivah!

We had such a great week at the rivah. Great breeze, low humidity, pefect water temperature, and a new beach!! Yep, my mom bought us a beach. They delivered it on Thursday afternoon. All 30 tons of sand!! We had a big beach there when I was little but the corrosion and global warming (I guess) took it away. Now we have one and we hope it will last. We have three jetties there to help preserve it. The kids had awesome time rolling around in the river water which they had never done. Oskar kept trying to save them. He would swim out to them and grab their bathing suit or life jacket with his mouth and pull them back in. I guess that's why he is called a retriever.

The girls swam a lot in the big pool as well. It was too cold for me but that didn't keep them from having fun. Alexa is becoming quite the swimmer.


At 6:03 PM, Blogger MeesheMama said...

I love that when Oskar's around the girls will never drown. They also won't get to swim either, apparently. How funny!


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