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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Moriahs in School!!

Chris and I had a tearful day after returning home from dropping off the girls. It hit me when the teacher said we had to say goodbye. I just wanted so badly to be a fly on the wall. It hit chris when we got home and it was so quiet. He asked me to watch cartoons:) Well, we were the only ones sad because when I went to pick her up she skipped to the car singing "fun, fun. fun...fun, fun, fun." She pulled out her new lunch box and told me how she ate all of her food I gave her and loved it all. She told me all about her new friends and the song she learned and that she doesn't take a nap, just a rest. She couldn't wait to see sissy to tell her all about it. good news, alexa is still riding the bus home. we take them in the morning. sounds silly doesn't it. well pre-k is from 8:15-3:15 and the rest of the school is 8:30-3:30(but kids don't really get out until closer to 4. so we drive them together in the morning and alexa is just a bit early and i pick up moriah and alexa gets home on the bus about 15 minutes after we get home rather than me waiting there for her to get out. so though it may be silly, alexa is happy.
we got back from the rivah house last night. pictures to follow as soon as my mom emails them to me. hint! it was perfect weather. i ate too much and relaxed by our new beach. yep, we have a beach. i wake boarded and went on long jogs and ate some more. i read a novel, studied spanish a little, and fished (didn't catch a thing though).
India is crawling, has three teeth now, waves and says bye bye. she stayed with my mom so chris and i could go on a date. she did great. we went to a winery and out to eat at trick dog to celebrate chris' 35th b-day.


At 12:27 PM, Blogger MeesheMama said...

Wow. What a big day. Sigh.

I'm gonna homeschool. No doubt. Even if I'm bad at it. None of this saying goodbye and leaving.

I'm sorry your girls are getting older. I'm restricting my boys from growing anymore after Elias learns to walk.

Hugs, mama. I'll talk to you soon.


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