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Friday, August 24, 2007

Guess who is going to school.

Well, some of you know we tried to get Moriah into Alexas school for pre-K. She didn't get in and was #7 on the waiting list which I thought meant there was no way she would get in. Not so, we got a call this week that she is in. It is bittersweet because I had gotten used to the fact that she would be around one more year. I went and bought a zoo pass and a please touch museum pass and now I won't be using them
much. I am kind of emotional about the whole thing. Alexa is excited but cried for a good 30 minutes when I told her she wouldn't be riding the bus anymore. Moriah can't wait. She has been asking me over and over when she can go to Alexas school.
I went to her school today to help out the nurse and learn some stuff so I can fill in there. I am waiting to hear from the principal if this will be a paid thing or volunteer. It was fun though. I didn't get to see Alexa but I wrote an note on her desk that made her very happy.
Yesterday I went to a breastfeeding support group. It was very encouraging. The lactation consultant has lots of connections and wants me to start a support group in my area. If anyone is interested or knows anyone interested, let me know.

We are off to the rivah for the last time of the season. I am looking forward to some family time and hopefully there won't be any nettles so I can attempt wake boarding again.


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