Loco LL

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Progression...

13 weeks & 19 weeks

Here is my growing belly. I thought it was time to share this with those who haven't been able to see me this go around. I have gotten so much attention with my pregnancy this time. At work, I rarely have to do a patient transfer or even bend over! I have gotten comments ranging from, "Wow, you sure don't look 7 months." to "WOW, you are getting soooooo BIG!!" I love looking pregnant, but it is getting harder to keep my scrub pants from falling down under my belly. And sleeping is getting to be more of a tetras pillow game. But all in all, I love this growing baby and all of her little movements, even her big karate chops and punches in my bladder.

This is 28 weeks just a couple of days ago. It is getting harder to do these outdoor pictures. I had goosebumps!

Monday, October 16, 2006

A Narnia Experience...

Chris and I threw a Narnia birthday party for the girls last weekend. They have been talking about it for over 6 months. We worked really hard to create a narnia fantacy land in our home. Here are the things we did:

We started off in the front yard making crowns with the kids while we waited for everyone to show up. Alexa was dressed as Susan and Moriah was Lucy, of coarse. They looked amazing!
Chris was the Narnia guide/narrator. He brought them into the house through a ghetto rig wardrobe at our front door. He sat them around the lamp post that we bought from home depot (and later took back.) We had white sheets laying around and snowflakes hanging from the ceilings. We even brought up our chirstmas tree and covered it in white snowflakes. That was in the entryway of our house. Chris explained that they really needed to use there imaginations while in Narnia.
Next, Chris brought them into Moriah's room which was turned into Mr. Tumnus' house. They sat around drinkking tea and eating cookies for a bit. After that, they went to the beavers house (chris had turned the whole dining room into a big fort). This was everyones favorite part of the tour. He told them aboutt the white witch.

After that, they played pin the tail on Aslan. They did the whole spinning thing and kept getting caught up in the sheets. They were falling all over the place.
Next, they entered the white witches castle. Yes, I found a dress that fit me and that is a balloon in my hair. I gave them all turkish delights and tried to get them to tell me where Edmand was.
After this, the witch came down and said that she needed Edmands blood. Chris gave me Aslan instead, and I took him to the stone table, where Chris brought the kids up (in our bedroom) and they had a moment of silence for him. Of coarse he resurrected. Chris took them outside in the backyard where he had pitched our tents and it was the battle scene. He took them in our big tent and explained that they needed to defeat the witch by hugging her and making her love again. SO I came outside and they gang-hugged me. I told them I was sorry for being mean and I wanted to have ice-cream cake to celebrate our new love.

Family Photo.

It has been a while since we have had a picture of all of us, so I thought i would blog it. We were down at the rivah about a month ago.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

ok, ok...another blog! Gosh!

Alright, it has been over a month since I have blogged. I check to see if there are ever comments, and since there usually aren't I haven't bothered blogging. But my gung ho blogger friend, Meesh says "more blogs please."
So, what have I been up to for the past month. Well, you can probably guess that I have been adjusting to my new job at Einstein Hospital. I have started giving medications to my patients which basically means less time to sit during my 12 hour shift. On Thursday, I think I sat down for 10 minutes out of the whole 12 hours. I never found time to eat lunch yesterday. I only had four patients too. One of them went on yellow alert though which means she was on a list for an organ and it was ready for her. That was so exciting . I cried with the patient while doing her ekg. There are a lot of things about this job that I love. There are probably just as many things that I dislike, but I realize that these are things I have to put up with for this time in my life to be able to move on to do what I really want to do. What is that? I haven't completely figured it out yet, but if I can get a part time labor and delivery or maternity job at einstein I would take it in a heart beat. Or maybe I will reapply to Esperanza. Or another idea is to quit working all together and be a substitute school nurse at alexas school. I have a year to figure it out.

The pregnancy is going good. I have been trying to find time to get chris to take a picture of my ever growing belly. I will put up a few of the progression. India moves constantly. She does karate kicks on my bladder when I am half way through teaching my aerobics class or 2 1/2 miles into my 5 mile walk. I think it will be a big accomplishment if I can make it through the pregnancy without having to buy depends. Other than that, my only pains are uterine ligament achings from being on my feet all day. I am 27 weeks along. I have been looking for an affordable way to have a home birth, but so far it has been unsuccessful. I haven't decided what to do about it, but I still love the birth center option and that is totally covered by insurance. I just would love to have this baby at our home and it is ashame that insurance companies make it so difficult for that to happen.
I will also be putting a blog up about the girls b day party soon so stay posted. It was a lot of fun. The highlight for all of the kids was the balloon on my head. You will have to wait for pictures to understand that one.