Loco LL

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

4 months old and smiling

I finally got India in for her baby pictures. I have been getting the hints from grandmas, so you can choose your favorite and I will send ya'll one! I can't decide which one is my favorite, so I got all three. They all show her personality so much, especially the first one. We waited an hour to get the pictures taken and then another hour before we got them. She was so good the whole time.
her hands and feet are her favorite entertainment. mine too.
This one reminds me of either one of my baby pictures or one of my brothers. Mom, what do you think?? Aren't her ears so cute. I worried that they stuck out when she was first born and now i think it is so adorable.

always want something that you don't have

Alexa is always saying she wishes her hair could be curly like Moriahs. Moriah only has a little curl, and it is actually part straight and part curly. she will probably wish her hair is straight when she gets older. Well alexa was thrilled to haev her hair curly for a day . she went to a b day party where she got her hair done. she evn had red glitter in it! she slept on it and it got flat but she still wanted to go to school with the flat curls with glitter. you can see our basement behind the girls. chris has been working hard on the basement. his office is just about done. we are looking for used furniture and i just have to find fabric for the ceiling and we'll be done. yeah!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dedicated and 4 months

This past Sunday, we decided to have India dedicated in our church. Mothers Day seemed like a good time to do it. It was kind of a last minute decision so we didn't try to get family here for it but for us it was more of a symbol to our church family of raising her up in this Body of believers. This really hit me when Ruben (our pastor) said that she may one day marry someone from our church. I about choked when he said this. It made me wake up to the reality that anything is possible and I really need to start praying for my girls future spouses. I have prayed this prayer, but maybe I should start including this in my daily prayers.

Moriah wasn't to excited about having to stay still for the dedication and kept creeping further and further from me but looking right back at me. She knew I couldn't yell at her and giving her the eye just wasn't working. i was getting pretty frustrated with her until a thought went through my head that there will be a day when she doesn't creep or look back.
India turned 4 months yesterday and we celebrated with a meal of fresh corn, soy nuggets and asparagus.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Rolling Over

I can't remember much about when babies are supposed to reach milestones, so when India started rolling over last week, I couldn't believe it. It just seemed way too soon. I looked at the girls baby books to compare and realized they had both rolled over by this point. I remember being so happy when Alexa reached milestones, and worried when Moriah didn't reach them by the time Alexa had. Why is it that with India, it is so bitter sweet. It is so cute to see her do new things but so sad to realize how big she is getting. Next week she will be 4 months!! This is a harsh reality for me knowing I will never have these moments with a newborn again, well until I have grandchildren.
India continues to practice her vocal chords. She sings so loud that when I called home the other day I could hear her in the background. We think she is a soprano. She is in a great sleeping schedule now. I hope that once the teething starts to bother her that it doesn't disrupt it. She is quite the drooler, so I know those teeth are coming soon.
India can roll front to back and back to front. Look at her cute leg rolls! She is also loving holding all of her little toys. Her feet are her favorite toy though.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

oh yeah...i'm a teenager...

Here is my 7 year old teenager talking on the cell phone. She is going through a phase, I hope. She is all into her Hannah Montana and Cheetah Girls CD and tries to dance just like them. No, I don't let her go out like this but she can pretend to be what she wants at home:)

beautiful saturday...and a broken toe

yesterday was such an awesome day. Chris had worked hard all week with our dining room a complete disaster with all of his things. He is now an official adjunct prof. at Eastern, which is awesome but it has been a lot more work. He finally got things completed so yesterday we spent the whole day doing house work and yard work. it was such an amazing day. chris seeded the back yard, sprayed for ants, and got our garden started. he also ghetto rigged our hose that busted.
the girls played on their bikes most of the day but took a break to put on some make up. what a mess. I am so glad they were outside for this stuff.

we also got a call from our friend todd who was in richmond va for some nascar thing that got canceled he decided to head up our way.

chris and him met up with some friends last night to watch the big fight on tv. right before they left, I was pulling the kids bikes up on to the porch and i banged my baby toe into the training wheel. I knew that it was more than a stubbed toe. I broke the darn thing. So I was laid up all night with frozen corn on it and today it is all black and blue. I will spare you of the pictures of my foot. Anyways, I am hoping it is just the toe and not the foot broken. so, again I am delayed from getting back to my running shoes. On a brighter note, I thought our vans transmission went out this morning but Todd showed us how to check the fluid and it was dry. So chris went to pep boys to get us some transmission fluid while us girls prayed that it would work and it did. I told the girls that I would have to go back to work full-time to buy a new van if it was broken and they didn't want that so they prayed. whew!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Building Muscle

India is starting to roll over lately. She likes to lay on her back and then use her legs to swing her over to her side. On the sofa she will roll all the way over on her belly but she hasn't done it on a hard surface yet. She loves for me to hold her in a standing up position. She is getting too strong! She is so long that some of her 3-6 months clothes are getting too short on her! Alexa and Moriah have been begging me to let them take a taekwon-do class. I caved in and we are taking them all this week for a trial week. They were so cute. Moriah doesn't understand why she is learning how to kick. We have always raised our kids to not hit or kick and now all of a sudden it is ok. I don't know how I feel about this either, but the way that taekwon-do is taught is a real discipline and doesn't feel violent at all. They get good exercise which is nice when it comes time for bed. Moriah is a stitch trying to do push-ups. I am going to get a video of it.
This is Moriah practicing her kicks and Alexa holding the pad thing.
Here is Alexa practicing her kicks.