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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Rolling Over

I can't remember much about when babies are supposed to reach milestones, so when India started rolling over last week, I couldn't believe it. It just seemed way too soon. I looked at the girls baby books to compare and realized they had both rolled over by this point. I remember being so happy when Alexa reached milestones, and worried when Moriah didn't reach them by the time Alexa had. Why is it that with India, it is so bitter sweet. It is so cute to see her do new things but so sad to realize how big she is getting. Next week she will be 4 months!! This is a harsh reality for me knowing I will never have these moments with a newborn again, well until I have grandchildren.
India continues to practice her vocal chords. She sings so loud that when I called home the other day I could hear her in the background. We think she is a soprano. She is in a great sleeping schedule now. I hope that once the teething starts to bother her that it doesn't disrupt it. She is quite the drooler, so I know those teeth are coming soon.
India can roll front to back and back to front. Look at her cute leg rolls! She is also loving holding all of her little toys. Her feet are her favorite toy though.


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