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Thursday, April 05, 2007

On the Road...

This is Alexa and Chris' spring break week, so we hit the road for about 30 hours of driving! First, I took the girls and the dog down to Richmond last Thursday. We hung out with my folks for a couple of days and went to the zoo, saw my brother, aunt, cousins, ate some killer thai food in the fan, and the girls got muddy playing in the woods and creek behind my parents house. Richmond was so nice, weather wise. I have been trying to get back to running every day, and it made it easy with the 80 degree weather and the flowers in full bloom. Chris came by train Saturday night and we left for KY the next morning. What an amazing drive. It is 8 hours, but it is all beautiful. The kids were perfect for the ride. We left Oskar with my parents. I guess he has been sitting by the front door ever since we left waiting for us to come get him. Poor guy. Well, KY was even more beautiful than Richmond. The flowers were even in more full bloom, and it was 80 degrees there as well. Running there was more of a challenge with all the hills, but I love it. We hung out with our dear friends who are like family to us. Mike and Kathe Cohagen always house us when we go there. Their house is like a petting zoo, which the kids love. Everytime we would leave there house to go anywhere, they would beg us to let them stay with Kathe. They kept asking why we can't move to KY and live with Kathe since there is so much grass to play in and all the animals to play with. Their dog is a golden retriever also, but twice the size of Oskar. He is a little rough too. I was playing with him once and he grabbed ahold of my belly roll gently in his mouth and just looked up at me. I thought, good lord, if this 120 lb dog were to chomp down, I would get an instant tummy tuck. Oh well, he decided to let me go, and I still have the roll. We were able to visit with Communality a bit (a church that we were part of when we lived in KY). We hung out with our good friends, the Kenneys, and saw their beautiful new home and ate some yummy Indian food with them. We also did a surprise visit to see some girls that we hadn't seen in 9 years. The year we got married we worked at a daycare and got real close to these amazing girls, Randi and Courtney. We took them to church every Sunday. They would hang out with us after church and we would take them back home. They were 8 and 6 then. Well, They are 15 and 17 now! We didn't think they would rememebr us but they did and we just stood there staring at each other. It was very weird. THen I got all emotional and teary because I thought about our girls at that age and just how quickly these past 9 years past will seem even quicker with my kids. We also had a picnic and went hiking by our favorite spot by this little water fall. Moriah was in her element. She loves climbing and getting dirty. How is she a city girl?! Now we are in Indiana. It is snowing and 30 degrees! I have been running on the treadmill which isn't near as motivating. We have enjoyed hanging out with the grandparents and seeing the nieces and nephews though. We had a date night last night which was nice. I don't have any pictures because our battery died on the digital and i forgot film for the other one. I will try putting some up later.


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Glad you are having a good time! Sorry about the weather. Yuck!


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