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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Full of Cheez!

We had a relaxing weekend. Chris rented a few movies. We watched Babel, Man of the year and some other low budget flick that I forget the name. So I have been quite the vegetable the past few days. I did go shopping yesterday for much needed shirts that actually fit. Now I need some pants. I plan to go to Goodwill whenever I can get away for a couple of hours without the kids.
India is still a good sleeper. She is 7 weeks now. She is smiling a little and follows objects with her eyes. She had a bit of a fever last night and has had three poop explosions today where I have had to change her clothes and get a new blanket all three times!
Alexas friend, Denisse, came over on Sunday for a visit. Much needed girly time for them. Moriah is quite the little actress lately. She likes to perform for our guests. We have had people over a lot lately and she always shakes her booty and does some kind of african dance for them, then she will break out into some gymnastics. No, she has never been in a gymnastics class and I have not taught her anything, so it is interesting to see what creative moves she comes up with. It usually ends with her falling and hitting her head, then getting up and saying, "I'm OK!" Hopefully no braindamage is occurring with these stunts.
India loves her swing. Meesh is lending us this swing. It has a mobile above it. When she is awake she likes to look at the fish spinning.


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