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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Moriah snibits...

Moriah has been keeping me busy lately. She has been so bored with staying in the house so much since India has been born. I have been bored too, but not enough to want to jump on a nasty snow covered trampoline which is what she asks every day. So, when we finally got a break from the cold, we took a long walk and hung out at the park for a bit. I also had one of my friends bring over her little girl, Emma (the one hugging our demon possessed dog), who Moriah says is her best friend. They are so cute together. Moriah says some of the most amazing things. Today I asked if she wanted to go to the store with daddy and she said: "But, what if I really really want something and Daddy won't buy it for me." Then she went with him to the store and the only thing she wanted was mac n cheese which Chris gladly bought since it is one of the few things he knows how to "cook."
Last night she was playing with a balloon and then blurted out "Jesus isn't my friend anymore." Well, Moriah is always talking to Jesus when she plays by herself, almost as if he is her playmate. I asked her why he wasn't her friend and she said because he wasn't tossing the balloon back to her when she asked him to. This led us into a great 4 year old theological discussion on how sometimes God answers our prayers in ways we don't expect.
Moriah is at such an amazing stage in life. Her creativity runs deep, and challenges me almost daily. She has made the transition into big sister without too many problems. She likes to kiss and hug India a lot, and this can get a bit rough at times.
We don't know yet if she is going to pre-K at Alexa's school next year. She is on a waiting list. If she doesn't, we'll send her to the same preschool she is in now but for 5 days a week. It is only for a couple of hours, but she needs it and so do I.


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