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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Growing baby, growing family...and other things.

So, if you didn't know, a newborn is supposed to regain their birth weight by the time they are 2 weeks. India was 8.1 when she was born and dropped to 7.6 at 2 days old. Yesterday, at 2 weeks, she weighed 8.9. I would say she is getting plenty of milk! She is also 211/2 inches!! She is going to be my tallest child. I can tell because her feet are so long, she doesn't fit in her size 0 shoes! Everyone keeps giving her 0-3 months clothes, and i am trying to get her in all of these cute outfits before she outgrows them, which won't be long.
This is a picture of our family of 6(if you include a canine) right before Chris left for his trip to Atlanta on Sunday. Chris' mom is staying with me until he gets back on Thursday. She has been taking the kids to school which has been nice. It is too cold to be taking India out and waiting outside for Alexa to get let out of school. I am freaking out a bit about having to do this on my own with a 4yr old and an infant.
Here is India just showing some of her personality. I know I am bias but she is so stinking cute!

Moriah said something cute yesterday that I had to throw in here. She said that she felt like Jesus was trying to get out of her heart because her heart hurt. I think her heart was pounding or something, but she said that it felt better after I gave her ice-cream and Jesus decided to stay in there. A few weeks ago she asked if India could see Jesus because she was inside me and Jesus was in my heart so India must be able to see Him. Pretty amazing thoughts, huh?


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