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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Introducing our precious India Shiloah!!

Here she is, after nearly 20 hours of labor. Born at 9:34 pm last night, at 8 lb 1 oz., our longest labor and our biggest baby!! She is definitly worth the wait though. Just to see her come out healthy and so content. I feel like our family has been completed with this new love. She is perfect in every way. She was wide eyed from the time she came out until about 1am when she fell asleep and pretty much has been sleeping since. It is amazing to think about what it must be like for a newborn to see the world for the first time. She latched on within 15 minutes and nursed all night. Today it has been a challenge waking her for her feedings, but this is to be expected after such a hard day of work. I am exhausted myself so it has been good to have her sleeping so sound. . I wish I had a picture of Chris catching the baby, but he did get to deliver India. It was an amazing experience for him. He handled it beautifully.
Alexa was very excited about the whole delivery. She did make a comment on how gross the blood was but I would have too if I was 7 and seeing all that blood. Cutting the cord was great for her though.
Moriah on the other hand wanted to stay out of our room until India was born. My mom hung out with her and Oskar in the back bedroom until someone went to tell them that she was out. Moriah was afraid to hear me scream.

I have had some e mails wanting details, so if you are interested, I will share. As I said, my water broke at 12 am on Martin Luther King day as Chris wanted. I labored through the night sleeping between contractions at about 9 minutes apart. I got up around 5am to eat and wait for my mom to show up. My contractions had gotten to 7 minutes apart but started slowing down to eventually only every 20 minutes. I called the midwife who said to lay back down and see if focusing on labor would help bring them back on. That just made them further apart. So I went in to the birth center at noon to be checked out and monitor the baby. Everything with India was fine but I was only 4 cms. She stripped my membranes and gave me blue and black Cohosh to take every 15 minutes to bring on contractions.. This helped some. Amber gave me a long massage and I got up to start walking around. I started going up and down the stairs, and my contractions came every 5 minutes. We called the midwife. Barbara arrived to our house around 5ish. Michelle was here by then as well. My contractions were getting harder so I went up to my room. Barbabra checked me and I was only 5 cms. I labored a while longer and my contractions wereonly 7 minutes apart though hard. She gave me more concentrated homeopathic blue cohosh. This really got the ball rolling. I walked around the upstairs with CHris until I was 8 cm. It was very soon after that that I delivered India. It was so great having Amber and Michelle there to support me and my mom was so great with Moriah. The whole experience was amazing, though long, tiring and painful, I can say today that I am so glad I was able to have a homebirth. I am mostly thanking God for this perfect child that I love so much. Thanks for all of your prayers. I can't wait for you all to meet her.


At 9:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Michael

How exciting! Congrats to all of you on a precious and beautiful birth. May India shine her light in this world in the same peaceful manner she was birthed. Love to your family and I can't wait to meet her!



At 3:59 PM, Blogger lara said...

come see her any time michael. she can't wait to meet you. thanks for giving up your wife for the evening to be such an amazing support to me.


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