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Monday, January 08, 2007


Christmas was so special this year. It was the first year we spent Christmas with just us. We were sad not to be with my family in Richmond, or Chris' in Indiana, but we made the most of it and made it a special bonding time with the girls. On Christmas Eve, we had an evening service at Iglesia. Alexa took part in the service, reading part of a poem about a lamb. She giggled through it but read well. That night, Alexa said that when they woke up the next morning that there would be more gifts because Santa would have come. So we spread all the gifts all over the room so it looked like it was more than it was. They were so cute coming down in the morning. My favorite moment was when Alexa opened the pink hello kitty radio my mom got her. She almost hyperventelated she was so excited. She also got a digital camera that she has been having a lot of fun with. Who knew a 7 yr old could have a digital camera. Well atleast she doesn't have a cell phone yet. Moriah got a piano that she had asked santa for. It is really a keyboard that you hook to the tv and there are games you can play with it. When she opened it, she asked where the legs were. She thought santa would bring her a real piano!
Unfortunately we didn't get many photos because Chris was videoing.
This is Moriah opening up a present from Alexa. She gave her new earrings.


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