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Monday, January 08, 2007

Mother Blessing

Yesterday was my mother blessing. It was probably the first time during this pregnancy that I have really been able to fully appreciate this pregnancy for all that it is, and focus on it completely. These past few months have been so hectic, that I haven't really been enjoying the pregnancy. Knowing that this is most likely my last pregnancy, I have wanted to take time to read, journal, and meditate on the beauty of what is occuring within me. This has been difficult to do with all of the other things going on in my life. I felt such a peace by the end of the evening, that I am completely ready for this new life to enter our home.

If you don't know what a mother blessing is, it is basically an alternative to a baby shower. Alexa and Moriah were honored by the little bouques of flowers on the table. There was also a bead bracelet for each of them with 3 beads representing the 3 girls. We opened up our time with prayer and unity by holding hands. Later the ladies went around the room taking turns sharing their blessings. Some brought a bead to string on a necklace I will wear during labor to remind me of the women who are praying for me and give me strength. Others brought a childs book that was special to them in some way and shared about that. We ended by making a web to represent our connectedness. We took a ball of yarn and wrapped it around our arm and threw it to a person across the room who then did the same. Once we all had a piece of the yarn wrapped around an arm, we gently leaned back, tugging on the yarn in the center that had become a web, noticing how strong our connection was. We cut off our yarn, keeping our piece tied around our wrist, which we will keep until either India is born or my milk comes in. Everyone took a votive home to light when I go into labor. We joked, that hopefully it wouldn't burn all the way down before India is born.

We ate lentil soup and bread that the brix's made and hummus, chips and salsa, and of coarse lots of chocoate. Yummy. My belly was making so many funny sounds during the blessing between the lentils, hummus and the chocolate.

After most of the ladies left, Michelle, Amber and Rachel stayed to do a henna design on my belly. It was such a special time for me to focus in on this beauty growing within me, but to also enjoy the shape that I have become .
Moriah wanted to add her design of a smiley face, so I let her have her own special spot on my belly.

Amber gave me a wonderful neck and shoulder massage while Meesh and Rachel did their art work.
There is symbolic meaning to the design. The swirls throughout represent a labrynth to me. I have done some reading and thinking about labrynths lately and how labor can be likened unto it. The unknown can be scary at times. Not knowing if I will be able to have a home birth or hospital birth, not knowing if the baby is healthy, not knowing how my labor will go, and not knowing how I will handle having THREE children... These are all things that I worry about... When going into a labrynth, you don't know what kind of twists and turns will come. It may take longer than you think it will, or it may cause confusion, chaos and pain, but ultimately you know you will get to your destination. As it is with labor. i know i will birth this child, though I don't know how, where or what she will be like. But I know that what ever the process or what she will be like, I know she will be here, ours, but mostly God's, who loves her already and knows her intimately.
The feet, of coarse represent Indias feet. We had to put an extra foot to the side where she is always kicking me. She was kicking a lot while the ladies were drawing. That was fun. And the pomegranite represents fertility. The flower and vines represent life, growth and beauty.

Thank you so much Michelle, Amber and everyone else for making this such an incredible day for me. You will never know how much you blessed me. I love ya'll!


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