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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sad News...

Everything is going fine with India and I. The midwife came today and everything is great. Shortly after she left I got a call from my boss. She first asked how India was and all that and then said she had news and didn't want to put a damper on things. I knew what she was going to say. I had a really awful dream last night. I have a friend at work named Alison that was due the same week as me. It has been great having someone to go through the end of my pregnancy with. I hugged her just a few days ago saying good luck to her. This is their first born. Anyways, last night, I woke up crying after having a dream that I saw her and she had lost the baby. It was so real that I thought I should call my work to see if she had had the baby. Well, when my boss said she had news, I knew what it would be. Alisons mom had called the hospital last night to let everyonhe know that they were inducing Alison and there was no heart beat. This is all the details that I know now. I am blogging this because I am asking everyone to pray for Alison and her husband. I feel so incredibly unworthy to have this perfect child when my friend is mourning her loss. I don't know why I had that dream but I am sure God had his reasons for putting Alison so deelpy on my heart. Please lift her up in prayer. Thanks. I will blog some more pics of India soon..


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