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Friday, January 19, 2007

She's Awake...

India came out in complete contentment. After her initial cry, she was put on my chest and sat there checking out the world without a single cry for the rest of the evening. SHe slept through the night the first two nights and hardly has cried except when we change her diaper or clothes.

Well I had this feeling that this would be similar to our experience of buying our golden retreiver. When I picked out oskar from the litter, I chose the calmest pup because of having two children at home. He was so calm that we were worried he would be too boring. Well, the next day, he turned into a complete psycho dog and hasn't been calm since.
SO, I was just waiting for India to show us her true colors, and she did last night. She slept all day until we went to bed at 12, and she decided to start screaming. She didn't go back to sleep until 5 am!!! My milk has come in and I am so sore, I can hardly move, so Chris had to take over with her for a while. SO, it is 12pm and he is still sleeping. Well, of coarse she is a perfect angel now, sleeping contently in my dads arms after a good feeding and a bath. Hopefully last night wasn't a preview of what is to come.

On a side note, my human resources person from work called yesterday to inform me that they could not hold my job. She spoke with my boss and they are asking for my resignation. This is frustrating because I was upfront with them since my hire date abotu me taking this 12 wks off and they said it was fine, and I was supposed to get a chunk of money for declining benefits this year that I won't be getting now. There is nothing I can do about it obviously and I know they
will hire me back when I want to go back, so I am trying to look at the positive that I won't be bound to going abck after 12 weeks if I don't want to, and maybe I will even try applying for a few labor and delivery positions. Anyways, it is bittersweet news I guess, but seemed crappy initially.


At 10:12 PM, Blogger Carol said...

Congratulations Lara and family. I'm so glad that all went well. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers. It is wonderful that you have your Mom with you. What a help. How is your friend from work doing? Did she lose the baby? I will keep tham in my prayers. Hope to see you and the new addition to your family soon. God Bless. Love, Carol

At 6:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! We can't wait to see you all at the family reunion in a few weeks and meet little India (what a GORGEOUS name!) Wishing you peace,

Caren, Dave, and Clara Swanson


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