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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Look at me Smile!! and mama says I am part Koala.

Wow, I finally got her to smile for the camera. She is smiling more every day and making such cute sounds. She is so content. She loves laying in her swing. I don't even need to turn it on for her to be entertained. She just enjoys laying there looking around. She still sleeps a majority of the day. And last night she slept through the night 8 hrs. Yeah! I hope this is the beginning of a trend.So, is she part Koala?? I Was watching the animal planet last night and saw that the koala sleeps 90% of its life. Also, it is so cute seeing the baby koala on the back of the mama. I love carrying India in the moby wrap or just in my arms. She loves it too obviously. But the one thing that she doesn't do is eat her mamas poop. Did you know baby koalas ate their moms poop. Now that is just not right. But who am I to judge another species. They are still cute. So maybe my baby is just part koala (the part that sleeps and hangs out on her moms back).
In other poop news, my poor Moriah is having the poops today. the kind that "won't come out" as she says. Poor thing is moaning like she is in labor. I don't think she has ever experienced this before. Hopefully it will resolve itself soon because she won't let me leave her side for more than five minutes and she is so miserable. So I have been blogging a little here and there.


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