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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just because...

Just thought these were cute pictures, so I thought I would throw them in here. Isn't India puggy??!! So cute.

Chris and I saw a great movie last night. I have been wanting to see it for so long. Blood Diamond came out on dvd yesterday. It is a hard movie to watch, just like Hotel Rhwanda was, but see it if you can. It is the story about the diamond smuggling in Sierra Leone and the civil war there in the 90's. I am not an expert on the subject but some friends of ours did some mission work with word made flesh there a few years ago working with kids effected by the war. Many lost arms because the rebels cut them off to keep them from voting. Many had been child soldiers and many were raped. They lost parents, siblings, and dignity. The psychological effect on these kids is devastating. Well, the movie also offers a lot of hope in the good side of man too. I was encouraged by that aspect of it, though the issues of Africa are huge.


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