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Sunday, April 15, 2007

A visit from mama harler

Rockin out! (as alexa calls it)

It has been a busy week since coming back from spring break. I have been spending most every day organizing and working on Indias room. We had Kirk and Laura mayer over on friday. ( Lovely hanging out with ya'll! ) We talked about a lot of old times and memories from Eastern days and our trips overseas together. Now my mom is here for the weekend. She brought us our dog back. We ate out at a yummy portugese place last night. We were supposed to go to Chuckie Cheese today for a b day party today but got jacked up directions and never made it there. It poured rain all day so we got a couple ogf kids movies and make popcorn and chocolate chip cookies. India turned 3 months today. She is trying to sit up on her own.
Chris has been busy trying to finish the basement this week. It is getting closer.
Here are the girls doing a dance for my mom in Indias room. They are quite the little performers. If you like free entertainment, just come on by for a visit.

India and her new toy. She loves chewing on it. I really think she is teething!


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