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Sunday, May 06, 2007

beautiful saturday...and a broken toe

yesterday was such an awesome day. Chris had worked hard all week with our dining room a complete disaster with all of his things. He is now an official adjunct prof. at Eastern, which is awesome but it has been a lot more work. He finally got things completed so yesterday we spent the whole day doing house work and yard work. it was such an amazing day. chris seeded the back yard, sprayed for ants, and got our garden started. he also ghetto rigged our hose that busted.
the girls played on their bikes most of the day but took a break to put on some make up. what a mess. I am so glad they were outside for this stuff.

we also got a call from our friend todd who was in richmond va for some nascar thing that got canceled he decided to head up our way.

chris and him met up with some friends last night to watch the big fight on tv. right before they left, I was pulling the kids bikes up on to the porch and i banged my baby toe into the training wheel. I knew that it was more than a stubbed toe. I broke the darn thing. So I was laid up all night with frozen corn on it and today it is all black and blue. I will spare you of the pictures of my foot. Anyways, I am hoping it is just the toe and not the foot broken. so, again I am delayed from getting back to my running shoes. On a brighter note, I thought our vans transmission went out this morning but Todd showed us how to check the fluid and it was dry. So chris went to pep boys to get us some transmission fluid while us girls prayed that it would work and it did. I told the girls that I would have to go back to work full-time to buy a new van if it was broken and they didn't want that so they prayed. whew!!


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