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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

dinner time at the lahrs

dinner with the lahrtribe is never boring. it may be stressful, annoying, rude, sometimes enjoyable, and other times pee in your pants funny...but boring is something that it is not. the added pleasure of a content 3 month old seems to calm me through even the most ridiculous of dinners. Tonight we started dinner off like all other dinners asking who wanted to pray. I was volunteered. So I prayed and then dished out the grub (as chris calls it). then Moriah yelled, "WE DIDN'T PRAY!" I guess she was daydreaming the first time. So, she prayed her "God is great, God is good" prayer. I had just gotten the first bite of food in my mouth when Alexa yelled, "WE DIDN'T PRAY!" So she prayed, and then as you can guess Moriah yelled, "WE DIDN'T PRAY!" So daddy prayed. They seemed to really enjoy this game so they started taking turns making prayers that rhymed. Like God is great, God is nice, let us thank Him for this rice. They went on for a while with these rhymes and Alexa just started laughing so hard she couldn't control herself. We kept asking her to tell us but she said she couldn't at the table. She was laughing so hard that she wouldn't eat, so we gave her freedom to say what she had to at the table. She laughed through the whole thing, but we made out what she said:
"God is great, God is hooty, let us thank him for my booty. AMEN!"
Pretty funny, though I am not sure what hooty is.


At 6:13 AM, Blogger Beth said...

Dinner just isn't that exciting at the Jay Lahr house now that everyone is gone. Old Grandma hasn't once prayed that God is "hooty!"


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