Loco LL

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Praise and Prayer

Thanks for praying for Jenny. THe baby is doing great. Jenny is still in ICU. The high blood pressure displaced her retina and she has a lot of fluid behind her eyes. They are still waiting for results from more CT scans. She has't held the baby yet. Pray for them all.
Also, I was awoken this morning by michelle calling to tell me that 3200 is burnt down. If you don't know what "3200" is, it is the rehab that The simple way has a block away from the original house. It is a home, an afterschool center and a meeting place. This is so sad, all the years of work that went into that place. The factory caught fire in the middle of the night and the whole block was taken out. 100s were evacuated and it was a 7 alarm fire. Only one was burned and one firefighter is being treated for smoke inhalation (according to CNN). What a miracle. Chris went over there this morning to be with them. Many people have lost their homes. Pray for them all. Michael should be updating the website soon. Click on The Simple Way on my sidebar.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


We had an emotional fathers day service today. Our good friend Jenny and Nate were due to have their baby in 2 months. Jenny hasn't been feeling well lately. We were over their house just last night and Jenny was having bad headaches, blurred vision, and has been having major swelling for some time now. I had a bad feeling that this could be preeclampsia. This morning during the service, cookie (jennys mom), who was supposed to preach, got a call that Jenny had a seizure and was being rolled in for an emergency c-section. We just got word that the baby is doing fine at around 2 lbs 10 oz. and they are still trying to stabilize jennys blood pressure. Say a prayer for the both of them. And thank God that baby Gabriella is breathing well and doing great. And Happy Fathers Day to all you dads, especially Nate!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

the past few weeks...

The past few weeks have been a little busy. I went back to work one day a week. This has been a good adjustment for me. The first day was so hard being away from India. I just couldn't wait to get home. Chris did fine with her and has continued to do great with her on the days that I work. But when I got home that first day, I went to pick her up and she freaked. She cried for a good hour. Finally Chris picked her up and she stopped!! OK, what the heck is that about. My mom said she was mad at me for leaving her. But a 4 month old can't be mad at their mom yet, right!! Well, I think it was just that she was so tired and had enough milk for the day and didn't like that I was trying to nurse her. Now, Chris holds off on giving her last bottle so that I can nurse her when I get home. It has been fine every other time.
What else has been going on. We had a great weekend at the rivah with family. My brother has a girlfriend. She has a cute little daughter who is 3 yrs old. My girls play great with her. My mom bought a huge pool for the yard that everyone can fit in. It took about 16 hours to fill the darn thing!
Chris had invited Shane and Chris to come to speak to Mission Year about their new book coming out Jesus for President. It is going to be a great book. I think it will be out in February. We also ate some yummy vegetarian chinese food in China town with them. I am always amazed when we go out for ethnic food with the girls. Alexa tries anything. She likes things that nobody else likes. Well, Chris likes everything too. I guess we know where she gets it from. Moriah has moods where she will eat anything. Once, we ordered octupus. they were these tiny octupus that were head, tenticles, and all. She just picked them up and chewed on them, getting the juice of it all down her dress. Not a pleasant picture, but atleast she liked it.
We celebrated out 11th anniversary the other day.
We went to an exotic seafood place called Allisons. It was so yummy. Chris ordered skate. We catch skate a lot at the rivah, so we wanted to see how it was cooked up so we can try it. It was delicious. I got salmon which was the best ever. We went to the mall afterwards and got these silly pictures. India came with us on the date. She was so tired, as you can see in her eyes.
This is India trying to sit up. She is getting better at it, but she still flops over.