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Thursday, July 31, 2008

rough week

This has been a hard week all around. First, losing my job, then Chris leaving for Africa knowing that his grandma was dying, then finding out my uncle died 7 months ago, and getting the news that old grandma did die. She died on Thursday night. Old grandma had been telling Chris for years that she wanted him to speak at her funeral. She made sure everyone knew it and even as sick as she was, she was telling people 2 days before she died how "different" her funeral would be because Chris would be speaking at it. His dad just kept telling her that he would be there...knowing that he might not...but Chris had written out words to be read just in case. We all hoped she would hang on a bit longer, but God had other plans, and I know she is much happier being with God than worrying about her funeral. I got a hold of Chris right before he got on the plne to south africa. Say a prayer for him. It is really hard for him not to be there.
Also, I found out that my uncle, who we have been praying for for 12 years, died. And none of his family was notified. It is a long story, but it is a shock to everyone. It is hard to have closure when something like that happens.
I am down in VA now and trying to relax and focus, but it has been hard to settle down from within. Hopefully going on my retreat will help.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Thank you daphne for your thoughtful words that put my crap into perspective. I think I am done blogging for a while and I will just make links to others blogs:) Kidding.
So, we are tired as all get out after a long week and a much longer weekend. The kids are watching a movie and I am trying to figure out what the next step is after all this. I "lost" my job this week. It is a really long story and maybe I will blog about it, maybe I won't... But I was asked to preach today and at first I really didn't want to. But then I thought that maybe it would give me some incentive to "figure it all out." SO I went for an 8 mile walk around Kelly drive and I spent hours in front of the Bible reading about the life of Joseph. In the end I do feel encouraged and maybe a little bit excited to see what is in store. Thanks to Carlos, my dad's mentor and trainer, I have new wisdom on these past few months of my life. Joseph had a dream of his brothers bowing down to him, but it wasn't until at least 13 years later that they actually did. And he had to be sold into slavery, accused of rape and thrown in jail before that would ever happen. David was appointed to be king by God, but it would be 15 years before he would take his throne. And he had to live life on the run all those years! Maybe when God gives us a vision or dream for something we want in life, we need to be open to the journey to get there. Maybe the PURPOSE is the journey and not the end. Hmmmmmm... Just a thought. Hebrews 11:39 says, talking about all the women and men of faith that "these were all commended for their faith yet none of them received what they had been promised." It is not about asking God why things happen to us, but what we need to learn from it and what do we do now. SO, that is what I am up to, trying to "figure it out."

In other news, Alexa did an amazing job in her performance with YES AND, a theatre camp that we have been taking her to since she was one for the performances. It was awesome seeing her actually taking part this year. And she is a natural actor. She had a friend spend the night that night and didn't go to sleep until late. And then last night was the Jesus for President show. It was great seeing friends and catching up. And it was a great show and great music with the psalters and Aimee Wilson. We got back super late and so today we are just hanging low. I might clean the house, or not.
Chris is packing to travel to Germany, South Africa and Rwanda. I will probably go down to be with my folks. I am looking forward to reading a lot, and not about pre-eclampsia, or shoulder dystocia or anything to do with L&D. I am going to go on a spiritual retreat while I am there. I will post more later. Thanks to everyone who has been so encouraging these past few months. It has been rough, but I know that it has been for a purpose.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

a mom and the internet...

a very inspiring post from a mom has kind of confirmed some things going on in my head these past few months. Ever since I have started my new job and been away from my family 32 hours out of the week, I have found the time that I do have to be more precious. And doing what I am doing now (sitting at the computer) takes me away from that time. I desire the simplicity of sitting on the floor with my toddler creating art together or just playing patty cake:) I desire to sit with my school age daughters at the table and read together or to work on a project in the kitchen or teach them a new skill (like knitting). All those desires are in my heart and my mind, but somehow it is so much easier to sit at the computer and read about other moms doing cool things instead of doing it myself.

I have a couple more weeks of orientation in this job. I may or my not have a job after these 2 weeks. I will be honest and say that I almost wish that I won't so that I can have more time with the kids. But even when I was only working 12 hours a week, I still didn't find much time for those things.

I really am going to try to put these things first! If I have time to go to the computer, then that will come after they are in bed. I want my kids to remember me interacting with them and not the computer.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

After a really bad day at work, it is so nice to come home to this...

and this...

My husband is so awesome. Really, I am so blessed. I have been going through an incredibly rough couple months with my transition into this new job. I thank God that I have an amazing family to come home to. There are a lot of people out there who have crappy family situations on top of crappy jobs. I don't know how they do it! Alexa, Moriah and India are such great girls and Chris is a really good man! Enough said.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

"meme"- not my mom

my kids call my mom mimi, but i have been "meme'd" by daphne. I thought her 7 facts were really cute, so i felt challenged to come up with a few about myself.
Here are the rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Seven Facts:
1. I am extremely passionate about women's health care issues, and I hate working in the hospital setting of labor and delivery.
2. I made mostly A's and a few B's through college and nursing school, but I am dyslexic and probably ADD.
3. I have three daughters but my husband is the one who does their hair in the mornings.
4. I love to run, do aerobics, dance to crazy Indian music and do yoga.
5. I am a wannabe extrovert introvert.
6. I hate fantacy football.
7. I love dark chocolate and red wine but not together.

I'll meme Michelle, Maria and Caren, cassie, and i can't think of any more so that will have to do:)

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Goodbye Punkrock Mommy

You will be greatly missed. Your family will be in our thoughts and prayers.