Loco LL

Thursday, March 05, 2009


I have been thinking a lot about beauty lately. I just sat in Borders last week thumbing through a great book on beauty. It talked about women, our bodies, our "issues," and it somehow settled me to a newer realization of how normal I am. I am constantly in this fight with my hormones, my face breaking out, my monthly stuff, weight, cravings, moods, etc. Seeing this video is just another reminder of how messed up our view of beauty is and how much I want to redeem it.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

winter's here and going...I hope...

As winter is coming to a close, I didn't want to let it go completely without remembering some of things that got me through it. I have always hated winter. I get a little of that season depression every year, and I just don't like being cold. But this year wasn't as bad as most for some reason. Though I should be a lot more discouraged by my unemployment, our car situation, and just being "stuck" in the house as much as I have, there have been many things that have brought me joy.

India has been the biggest blessing of all. It is hard to be looking for work and not finding anything...but then I remember that she will only be 2 once, and each day brings a new milestone that she achieves...how can I regret being here for that!

Being here for the 2 snow days was a definite joy for me. I miss my girls when they are in school all day, and then they come home and Alexa is working on her homework until [sometimes] past her bedtime! Having a snow day is no small event in our home. We had no snow last year, so this year we were prepared for a big snow. We never got the big one that Chris wanted (he grew up in Indiana), but it was big enough for me. I don't like snow, I just like snow days! Chris is the one that plays with them and I am the one who takes some pictures to remember it by. Bundling the three girls up was quite funny. Moriah has a brand new $150 snowsuit that someone gave us, Alexa who is tall for a 9 year old had a size 7 snow suit that only went to her knees, but she had some really stylish boots:) We just bundled India up in her winter coat, fleece pants that were too small. We put five pairs of socks on her, her gollahes, mittens that were way too big and a hat and a hood. She got out in the snow and the second her gollashes got that white dust on them, she freaked! She has a thing about getting dirty. She hates it. She screams when I put mask on my face, or if someone has a bit of food on their face or in their beard. It makes her mad...i mean really mad. Weird, I know, but true. Anyways, I had to take her in because it was bothering her so much. Maybe next year will go better...

Alexa loves to throw snowballs and they both enjoyed making angels. They also went to the park to go sledding where our cheapo sled cracked in half. The kids had fun though. We have tried to find a new sled but they are all sold out.

The other thing that kept me somewhat stable this winter was the please touch museum. I love this place. And I especially love that I can get together with friends there and talk while we chase our toddlers around in an untimate playhouse.
My playgroup is another grounding force for me that I am so thankful for. When I was pregnant with India, there were five of us from my church that were pregnant and had girls within a year. Now there are 2 more girls! We decided to start a play group and it has grown to even include some boys. They have so much fun together and it is a great time for me to talk with my girlfriends.
Here is a newest addition. She is sooooooooooooo cute!

Now, even though there is snow on the ground, I do see the light. Chris shaved his head yesterday. In our home, that means the warm weather is coming. Well, actually he was going to the warm weather. He is in Kansas this week, where it is going to be in the 80's. But, there is warm weather coming... I am holding out hope for it anyways!