Loco LL

Saturday, November 18, 2006

8 weeks to go!

I can hardly believe i only have 8 weeks until this baby arives. I hardly feel ready. My life has been so consumed with the adjustment of going to work full time for the first time in 7 years, and learning how to be a nurse! This week i had a full load of patients for the first time. The first two days were completely overwhelming. By the third, I felt somewhat better. Tommorrow, I am for real on my own. No preceptor hanging over me making sure I remember to do everthing. Remember everything!! Are you kidding. I just read a study that says that pregnant woment are proven to be 15% - 25% more forgetful, though they go back to their baseline after pregnancy (whew!). Well, I have 8 weeks more to go before India comes, and 8 weeks more to go of working while pregnant. I just hope that my forgetfullness doesn't put some patient at harm. I pray every morning for God to protect my patients from my mistakes!
On a lighter note, I managed to arrange my schedule to have 5 days off to go to indiana for thanksgiving with the family. It is much needed time for us. I can say I am even looking forward to 12 hours in the car together. I can't wait to see my adorable nieces and nephews who have grown up so much since I have seen them last. Also, I had been on the schedule for christmas and christmas eve and it got switched to new years. I am so excited to have our first christmas in our own home. It will be a great time for us. Since we can't travel anyways because i will only be 2 weeks from my due date, we will make the most of it and have a great time together. Pictures to come.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Before church today, we decided to try to get a good picture of the girls together. We had such a hard time getting them to both look at the camera and smile. They were being so goofy! My dad wants me to send him a picture of them to have his friend do a scetch. Well, I tried. these were the best ones. They are adorable, but I don't know if I at this age I can get them to give me a serious smile. Sorry Dad.

We are having our house under constuction the past two weeks. So if you come by, expect it to be a mess. Our basement is in the process of being finished. I can' t wait to have that space for the kids to have their own place to play and for Chris to have his office. The girls play so well together but they can get very hyper and loud. Our house is just too small for that. A room where they can rough house is just what they need and I need! Who knows how long it will take before it is all done, but at least we are in progress! And my dining room won't have to be used as an office anymore. That will be so nice. I will post before and after pictures once he concrete is done.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Every year, we have a tradition of going to our friends, the Quigleys', house in the burbs to take the kids trick or treating. Usually i will stay back with Suzie and hand out candy and Dave and Chris will take all the kids out. This year I had to work night shift so I saw them dressed up and left for work. So sad.
One year they got so much candy that they had to come back to empty their bags halfway through and go back out. The folks in that neighborhood give way too much candy, but the kids love it. We usually try to give away half of the loot and keep the rest to last for months of treats after finishing dinner. Moriah and Alexa decided to both go as cinderellas while Scotty and Collin went as super heros.