Loco LL

Thursday, December 11, 2008

India in Trader Joes

It dawned on me today when I was leaving my monthly trip to T.J's that I should write about my experiences with India there. It is one of the things that makes her who she is and so unique from the other two. I would say that out of my three experiences with raising 3 different girls, that India has been soooooo easy. I don't know how much of this is because of her personality and how much of it is because I am feeling like a pro after 9 years of being a mom (on good days that is). But shopping is the one thing that is NOT easy with India. Today went smooth for the most part. I have learned to ALWAYS take her on a full stomach. That has drastically reduced her whining for everything she sees. "Nanny!" for bananas, "bapples" for apples, "deeeeez" for cheese, "tweet" for treat... you get the picture. So today...maybe she only whined for the "nannies." She is also usually trying to stand up in the cart as soon as I turn my back. So I have learned to check the buckle to make sure that it isn't broken before I put her in there...and I tighten it, otherwise whe will be standing, and stuck and, well... even more of a falling hazard! I can't tell you how many stories I have heard from strangers of how they have seen kids fall on their heads or that their own child fell on their head. I appreciate the concern, really, I do...but for heavens sake, when I am already stressed over my child not sitting down, it doesn't make it easier to have to listen to these people's stories!! Anyhow, I have to mention my favorite part of T.J.'s being the sample table. I fill a cup of "tweets" for India to munch on while I fill up my mini portion sized coffee (which I always have a hard time figuring out how much sugar to add in that small of a cup). I stand there and enjoy my 3 gulps of joe while India munches on her cookies, cereal, or whatever they happen to be handing out. It is kind of a "take a second to breathe" moment. And then I gather my mental list together for the second half of the store. After filling my cart to overfloweth (like I said, I go once a month), I stand in the shortest line to check out. The whole time we are waiting, India is pointing at everything she wants to get her hands on (there are usually "tweets" right at her eye level). While being checked out, India gets all cute and hands the items to the cashier and says "heeeeer ya gooooooo!" The cashier talks to her the whole time and thinks she/he has won over a friend....but then the most terrible thing happens! At trader joes, the cashier pulls the cart around their side of the isle. I think in India's mind, 'that mean old nasty cashier who I just gave all mama and my food to is now deciding she/he wants me too!'- I quickly reassure her that she is coming right back to me, and the distraught cashier is whispering (or sometimes mouthing) "does she want a baloon?" I gladly reply, "please?!" and within moments India is handed her air filled latex ball. With a big smile, she signs and says "tankoo" to the cashier, and off to the car we go. She yells "weeeee, weeeeee, boooon, weeeeee, weeeeee, booooon..." the whole way home.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

wishing i was still in the poconos

as i promised, here are a few nature shots from the poconos. we did a few nature hikes, though it was sooooo cold, we didn't stay out long. but i loved the one waterfall we visited and the river next to where we stayed. it is such a beautiful place, and i often think about what it would be like to live there.

of coarse chris wakes me up to reality that we will never live there and i am ok with that...but i am a dreamer, and there is nothing wrong with that either.
moriah and i did our own hike one day which she said was her favorite part of the week. i love it that moriah likes the outdoors so much. she reminds me a lot of myself when i was that age. such an imagination.

the hardest part about vacation is coming back. it was so great being in the poconos. i don't think we will go every year, though the rest of the fam would like to. i am hoping to go somewhere warm next time:)

just a thought to end with from Isaiah 9: the people who walk in darkness will see a great light; those who live in a dark land, the light will shine on them. you shall multiply the nation, you shall increase their gladness; they will be glad in your presence as with the gladness of harvest, as men rejoice when they divide the spoil. for you shall break the yolk of their burdens and the staff on their shoulders, the rod of their oppressor, as at the battle of Midian. for every boot of the booted warrior in the battle tumult. and cloak rolled in blood, will be for burning, fuel for the fire. for a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us; and the government will rest on his shoulders; and his name will be called wonderful counselor, mighty God, eternal father, prince of peace. there will be no end to the increase of his government or of peace..."
what an amazing thing to find peace today. not that it is the first time in history that our world has seen wars, depression, terrorism, natural disastor, persecution...evil has always existed. but there is also peace, love, and grace through it...in it.