Loco LL

Monday, February 08, 2010

things to do when snowed in for 2 days...

Well, I mostly rested, read, did laundry, and watched movies with the girls. But I also found myself looking on craigslist quite a bit. I posted my parents cars they are trying to sell and one sold already! I also bought this chair off craigslist. It is an Ikea recliner and I have wanted this exact chair for over a year. I love the size of it for our tiny living room, and I have always wanted a recliner so that I can have my feet up when reading in the mornings. It was only a few months old and half the price of what Ikea sells it for. YEAH!!!
Also, I got my sewing machine out, cut up an old sweater, and made India these warm pants and hat set. She loves them. They fit her well and will hopefully fit her for a couple more years if my stitches hold up:) I can just fold down the pant legs as she grows! Yay, for recycled clothing and a bonus yay for recycled clothing that lasts longer than one season:)

So, I have found that there are some positive aspects to 2 feet of snow. I feel incredibly rested and productive at the same time. I hate all other aspects of the snow though. Sorry, I know I am somewhat of a scrudge for saying that. Chris left town today and we may be getting 20 more inches tomorrow. I am thankful for our neighbors and friends that are willing to help me shovel and watch the girls a little when they are home for snow days and I still have to go see patients!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

How can it be that our baby is 3!

It feels like yesterday that I birthed our sweet India into this world. I hate that life gets so busy and years go by so quickly. Why can't my babies stay babies longer?! The worst part about it is that she is our last baby. I have taken two weeks to even blog about her birthday, partly because I can't even believe it happened!

Anyways, she really was excited about her birthday. She talked about it for weeks before and it was so fun to finally be able to celebrate a birthday with her that she really got into. The last two years were more for me than her:) Her mimi and pop came up for the weekend which was a great help to her mama. We opened presents with them in the morning.

She really wanted an Annie birthday party. She is obsessed with Annie. She now calls our dog Sandy consistently. He just looks at her like she is crazy!
So, when the kids got here, I had made stovetop popcorn and given them each their own popcorn container to take down to the basement where I had Annie playing right at the part where they are singing "Let's go to the Movie's." It is my favorite part of the movie. I had a dozen chairs set up for them to feel like they were in the theater. I knew the little ones wouldn't last long so we only watched part of the movie and then headed upstairs for cake and ice-cream.

India loved her Annie cake. She licked her plate clean! I was careful not to give the red part of the cake to the kids or else I would have had a majorly stained carpet!
We finished up the party with gifts. She was excited to get some girly gifts including princess pajamas and slippers and nail polish. She IS trying to keep up with her sisters, you know?!