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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Kindergarden and Third Grade

Wow! I can not believe that Alexa is a third grader. That officially seems old to me. She is a young woman in so many ways. But she is still my little girl in most ways and I am not ready to give that up. She is in class with three good friends. We haven't met the teacher yet, but she sounds nice.

Even more crazy is Moriah being a Kindergartner. She has been so excited for this day for so long. She was all smiles. Her teacher is great and her class seems great too. She has been reading all sorts of books about kindergarten. She told me yesterday, "mom, I read my last book about kindergarten today. It was a great book to end the summer with and start kindergarten with." She is so darn cute!

SO now we are back to having just India at home. It is bittersweet of coarse.
She is so much fun to be with and at this age where she is learning so much every day, I am thankful for this time I have with her. She is saying a lot of sentences now.
"where's mommy?"
"I want down."
"I want up."
"I have baby."-she says this when she poops!
"night-night baby."-when she is tucking in her dolls
"here ya go boy." - talking ot oskar
"I want more juice...peez"
She say a lot more, but you get the picture. She also likes to give you five or pound. She loves her sissies. She calls them titi because she can't make the sound too well. She is almost doing somersaults too. Maybe we should just start training her now for London 2012.

It was a good summer over all. Lots of memories for all of us (some sad or hard, but mostly happy): disney world, papa fest, the rivah, indiana, the beach, theater camp, Cornerstone festival, learning to ride bikes, Africa, Labor and Delivery, saying final good-byes to an uncle and a grandmother...Now on to making more memories.


At 9:04 PM, Blogger MeesheMama said...

They are all so beautiful. Alexa is like FEET taller than Moriah!

Hope they are enjoying their first week. Go girls!


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