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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our Indiana Trip

So, I didn't take hardly any pictures while we were in Indiana. It was really good though. I just read, sat by the pool, went on my daily runs, read, sat by the pool...you get the picture. But all that with a toddler is not quite as relaxing as it could be. But even still, I really came home feeling relaxed. Chris seemed to stay somewhat busy. He has way more energy than I do. He flew in on that Thursday night from Africa after being on 11 flights in 15 day!! He woke up early the next day to take care of some of his Mission Year stuff before we left for Richmond. We spent the night there and got up early for my uncle's memorial service and then drove the 90 minutes to the rivah to spread his ashes. It was a good service in many ways even though it was difficult. That ended about 4pm and we got back in the van and drove 7 hours to Wheeling WV to sleep at our good friend Jimmy's.. Chris stayed up until 1 am talking to him but I went to bed. We woke up at 8 and left for Indiana. He spoke to a youth group of another friend of ours. He even played in a game of dodge ball. I stayed on the side lines because my foot was hurting pretty bad. (I also have bad memories as a kid of playing dodge ball, so I was glad for the excuse) Anyways, throughout the week, he woke up early almost every day for meetings with different people. We did go out for breakfast in honor of old grandma (we always took her out and ordered mush with her).
After that we went to the grave yard which was neat to see all the Lahr ancestors. We will really miss old grandma. I am so glad that Alexa and Moriah have such fond memories of her though.
The kids swam every day. India loved getting in and out at the steps and by the end of the week was jumping in as Chris caught her. Alexa was swimming the whole length of the pool and jumping off the diving board trying to make it to the olympics. Moriah was doing handstands and flips and made up a new stroke. It was breast stroke with the arms and freestyle with the legs. Cute stuff.


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