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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Rivah

Being at the rivah is fun for the kids and relaxing for me. Alexa tubed and tried to ski for the first time. She almost got up! They had fun playing witht heir cousins and the weather was so nice. I love sitting at the end of the pier reading or just listening to the water. I tried to sneak out there during India's nap times when I could.

The hardest part of these past two weeks has been not having Chris here. We have not been able to talk at all for 2 weeks!! WE are emailing every few days which is helpful. I am heading back to philly tomorrow to get some things done before Chris gets back on Thursday. Then we will come back to Virginia for my uncle's memorial service. Then we will drive to IN for Chris' grandmohthers memorial and to spend a week out there.

Alexa and Moriah were supposed to have to start back at school tomorrow but their summer got extended. THANK GOD! We are looking forward to having family time for a couple of weeks before we get back to the whole school routine. Chris has not shared much of his experiences with me. All I know is that it has been pretty hard on him and most of the stories are not appropriate for the kids. I can't imagine the poverty he is face to face with, and how hard it is to just come and go like that. He did get interviewed on public radio and was also interviewed on TV that networked 23 African countries. All that because Shane got stuck in Kenya an extra day so he was taking his place. I laughed so hard when I read that because Chris gets so nervous in front of the camera. They even put makeup on him.

I did have my retreat the other day. It was really good. I will write about it soon. I want to get my pictures developed from it. I read through some of Henri Nouwen's book The inner voice of love--wow, that book is something I needed 10 years ago, but I am glad for what it is speaking into my life now. More later.


At 4:04 PM, Blogger MeesheMama said...

glad to hear your retreat went well. sorry it's so hard without c. i will try to call you soon.


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