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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Stars on Earth"

I saw this amazing movie that I had to share about. It is a Hindi movie, so if you can get past the subtitles (sorry mom), and some funny looking teeth, and oh yes, a clown scene, then I think you will be moved to tears by this one. Maybe it is because I myself have dyslexia, or maybe it is because I have an eight year old who is struggling to learn how to read. But for any of you who work with children, have children or have been through this as a child, I highly recommend this film. It is about an eight year old boy named Ishaan who is severely dyslexic, but he doesn't know it until half way through the film. He struggles with letters, numbers, fine motor skills, following directions, and just about everything that a child in school is expected of. He was usually lost in his imagination and had an amazing ability to materialize that imagination onto paper. He was an artist. He was sent off to boarding school where he just became more angry and lost his faith in life and art. It wasn't until a new art teacher came to his school and noticed him and began to reach out to him, that Ishaan was able to learn in his way and begin to function as a student and flourish as an artist.
I could sympathize with Ishaan at times because of what I went through at that age, though to a lesser extent. And I could sympathize with the mom at times because of what I am going through with Alexa, though also at a much lesser extent. I am so thankful that I was able to go to a highschool for dyslexics and learned how to learn. Our schools do not make adjustments for the kids that learn differently, and it is a constant battle if you have a child that doesn't fit the mold. India (the country) is much worse. I know this because in my friend's orphanage, there are a hand full of kids who are not passing. They are expected to learn at least 3 languages at this age!! Dyslexia is having difficulty with written and/or verbal language, and these kids are expected to learn three!! SO, I am thankful that we are not a society that expects that much from our little ones, but I also know that we have a long way to go in the classroom to accommodate these special children, who are "stars on earth," as the movie says. If I had not had the education offered to me in highschool, there is no way I would be a nurse right now. We need to look at our children as the future (sorry for the cliche). Who is to say that the child you know that is failing school now won't find the cure to cancer in the future or write a book that changes your life. Einstein, Edison, Picasso, Henry Ford, da Vinci, & Ansel Adams are just a few people who had dyslexia and changed out world. I embrace my daughter's creativity, knowing that this is the most precious gift she has. I pray that we can help her to read well and foster who she is as a person so she can live to her greatest potential.
Another great film to see is Martian Child. This is about a child who doesn't fit in for a lot of reasons, but is brilliant. We both cried in this one. And I just love John Cusack.


At 11:02 AM, Blogger maria said...

I watched Martian Child on the flight to London. Absolutely fabulous; now I'm jonesing to get the book! I'll try and track down the Hindi movie.

At 8:34 PM, Blogger MeesheMama said...

so glad the movie was good, and sorry i didn't have it in me to watch it with you that night.

At 11:23 AM, Blogger Kalar said...

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