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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another World is Possible

This issue of healthcare keeps coming up in conversations around me. I have wanted to post my thoughts on it for some time but lack the articulate abilities of some of my friends. Check out my friends blog and all the many comments. Interesting stuff.
This past weekend was our yearly Simple Way family reunion/gathering. The purpose of our meeting is to gather folks from different communities around the country and globe that are seeking a different kind of world. We discussed issues of race, gender and power this year. We also contiue discussions on issues like healthcare, equal rights for housing, peace, intentional community life and many other issues. A great woman and friend of mine who now lives in England shared the experience she's had living there and how people there can not understand our way of doing things here. She gave us a message of hope, reminding us that truly another world is possible.


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