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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Princess Party #2

To say that I have been busy would be a real understatement. We had Alexas slumber party on friday last week. We had the parents pick up all 8 kids by 9am. We left for Richmond where we met up with my very close friend Ginny who has been living on the west coast for the past 11 years and I haven't seen her that whole time. We stayed until monday afternoon and I stayed busy the whole time. I also saw my friend Sarah and her beautiful twins. We got home late Monday and Chris left Tuesday morning for CCDA conference. I had an interview Tuesday, another one on Wednesday, My breastfeeding class today and chris' parents came in town tonight. Tomorrow I have another interview and next week one more interview. Whew, I am tired. It is hard enough just having Chris gone, but add all that in the mix and I am wiped. Thank God his parents are here. I have been trying out a new sitter for India and it has been rough. She cried the whole time one Tuesday. I had to leave my interview early.

Well, the b day party went very well. I am surprised I have any hearing left after 8 2nd graders screaming in their very high pitched screams over anything to do with highschool musical. They did karaoke, a dance contest, a model runway and watched HSM part one and two. They finally fell asleep around 2am. They woke up at 6:30!! Wow! I can remember those days but I sure don't have it in me now. Alexa loved it though and I am glad we did it. All the girls are such good girls and I am so thankful to have them in her life. One girl told me how she is doing the thirty hour famine next month!! She also sat next to me while the other girls were dancing and said "whew, I don't need to dance. I do enough of that with my autistic brother." too cute. THe laugh of the night was when we were setting up the karaoke machine that alexas friend brought over. She showed me the cd in it and asked if it was ok. i told her i didn;t care. I don;t keep up with rap music so i didn;t think anything of it. So i put it in and was going to do the first song. chris and his friend kirk were standing behind me and I said that i hoped it was appropriate. It started so i started dancing a bit getting ready for the words. Then came the words. I can't remember the words except for the sh** sh** sh** part of it. So, I quickly turned it off before the girls could be contaminated any further. Chris started rolling laughing. The girls had no idea. I quickly put the disney cd in and left them to it.


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our girls are so BIG


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