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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Elias Lewis Harper Brix!

I had the most amazing experiece the other night, for the second time!! Michelle asked me to be with her during the birth of her second son. I was with her with Kindreds birth, which was completely amazing, so to be able to experiece this twice is such a blessing! Elias Lewis Harper Brix was born at 1:40am yesterday. Michelle has been officially labeled (by me) as labor queen! I have never known anyone who can be talking and laughing one minute, and then pushing a baby out in less than one hour. Truly, I was sitting in the bathroom with her while she was in the jacuuzi, talking, laughing, and remembering her birth with Kindred (which was also a very quick one). I told her that since she was talking through her contractions, that she probably hadn't gotten past 7 yet. The next contaction, she moaned "no talking through this one,"
Mike returned from eating his pizza, so i stepped out to pee, and when I got back, she was out of the tub and starting to push. Ok, i could keep going on about meesh's delivery story, but it is her story so I will stopt there. You can click on her blog if you're interested. http://meeshemama.blogspot.com/


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