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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mother Blessing

On Sunday, I had the oppurtunity to host a second mother blessing for Michelle. Her first one was a year and half ago for her pregnancy with Kindred. Who knew I would be having another one so soon for her. This one was in my home, and my friend Amber helped me out with it. It was a lot more fun having someone to organize it with and the group was smaller (13 of us) which made it more intimate. I had a bowl of rose water in the entry way of the house so that when people came in, they could wash their hands to symboloze washing away any worries, or distractions before coming into the circle. We held hands and did a chant about being a circle, and being one with each other. My friend Rose read a beautiful prayer that made me cry (i wasn't the only one!). And we went on with the ritual, having a time of meditation, laying our hands on michelles baby and recognizing his fears, a time to encourage michelle in this new path she is going down, and michelle had a time to share her fears and feelings. We all wrote a fear of our own and put it into a jar for me to burn later (i don't have a fire place). And then, we painted henna on Meeshe's belly, worked on the quilt we are doing for the baby, and ate. I will put some pics in as soon as I get them. You can click the link to the right to look at Mother blessing stuff. It is a wonderful alternitive to baby showers. It honors the mother and brings unity amongst all the women way more than just opening a bunch of gifts and saying "oooooohhhhh, awwwwwwwww, how cute..." You can also click on michelle's blog link to see more...http://meeshemama.blogspot.com/


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