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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Raw, but not too raw, Birthday Celebration

Here are some pictures from when we celebrated Chris's turning 36 last friday. He is officially in the late 30's now!! Since we are a bit tight financially right now, I decided to make a nice meal at home. We normally would go eat at one of his many favorite ethnic hole in the wall places, but I had to incorporate our raw food and save some money at the same time.

Alexa decorated a little bit, and I made the meal. It was so good. Alexa even loved it and said she wants to eat raw. It was a curry cauliflower dish. Yummy.

I did make him some birthday cake, which he and the kids finished off in two days!!!! The only little candle I had was the 4 so we pretended it said 36:)

We had to go to target to pick up a present for a birthday party the girls were invited to. I asked Chris if he wanted me to get him something for his birthday. He said he wanted a potty for India. What a good and selfless dad! Well, until it came down to actually putting it to use. He, like me, lost interest in getting her potty trained after 2 days. We thought she was ready. We'll wait a little while and try again. She still tells us when she needs to go potty but she has only gone pee in the potty once and about 10 times on the floor!


At 5:46 AM, Blogger lara said...

I am not officially in my late 30's. The mid 30's go from 34-36. Late 30s do not occur until next year! love chris

At 8:51 PM, OpenID bottomland said...

Happy Birthday Chris! And that picture of India is TOO CUTE! Your raw dish looks so yummy....


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