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Sunday, September 07, 2008

My sweet children

Every time I hear India say "baby" in her cute little voice, it makes me smile. She has such a loving and nurturing personality. She reminds me a lot of Alexa at that age. It is weird that she will never know what it is like to have a baby sibling.

She likes to cook for her baby. And she gets really excited when she feeds her. She giggles in delight as if she is so proud of herself for being the big girl.

She also loves to see babies when we're out and about. She will try to hug them and kiss them, but in such a gentle way. So here is my little domestic chica who likes to cook and take care of babies. I am hoping to buy her a nice wooden play kitchen soon...well whenever I find one that doesn't cost so darn much.

Moriah made me happy today. I have felt like poop all day since it is my first day off caffeine totally. I also have something weird going on with my neck that I can't turn it all the way to the left. So that makes driving a challenge, especially since I have amblyopia in the left eye. But it just made me cranky too. Anyways, Moriah was in the bathroom this morning when I walked in just after getting dressed. She gasped in this dramatic way and exclaimed, "mom, you look soooooo pretty. Can I take your picture." Well, here is my pretty girl. I took a picture of her instead.


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