Loco LL

Sunday, September 14, 2008

What do you do when you want to have a family day and it is almost 100 degrees and you have no money...


Step one: Tell kids that we are having a family day.
Step two: Agree to a friend coming with us after church.

Step three: Go home, grab some free food and the dog and get back in the van.
Step four: Tell kids that we were just told that the end of the world was coming in 24 hours! Proceed to tell them that the only way to keep this from happening is if we can find a secret potion which is deep in the forest.
Step five: Arrive at the forest and begin the search.

Step six: Tell the kids what we need for the potion, making sure you only tell them things that you see first (you don't want to be searching for these items too long...it is still like 90 degrees in the forest!)
Step seven: Once you have all the ingredients, find a waterfall.

Step eight: Stir ingredients and say the magic words, "mecca lecca high mecca hiney ho..."

Step nine: Throw the ingredients over the waterfall and celebrate that you have just saved the world.

Step ten: Go home and turn the air conditioner on!


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