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Friday, September 01, 2006


I have been too sad to try to write this blog, but after a week I decided I should just do it. Maybe it will help me process the whole thing. In the past couple months, there have been two amazing people that I loved dearly and blessed our world in more than one way that have gone on to be with our God.
First, was our friend Ben Lindle who was in his early 20's. He died from complications from pancreatis. He was a huge guy, but tender and gentle spirited. In the time that Chris and I knew him in Kentucky, we learned about community gardening from him, and saw his passion for orphans and his heart for worship. He would sew little dresses for orphan girls in guatemala. Imagine seeing a 300lb 6'5 (at least) guy sewing. Amazing. Well, he will be truly missed and the impact he made on the world will leave its mark.
Second, was Beth Broderson. She passed away last week form ovarian cancer. She was a truly amazing woman. She caught many of my friends babies as their midwife. She was a big inspiration to me in becoming a nurse and my continued passion for womens' health. She struggled with cancer for many years. I just learned that she caught a baby only 12 hours before she passed away. She loved what she did and it showed. If you are interested in checking out an amazing project that a friend of ours is helping to organize in her name, check out this website.
I am not sure how to process all of this. Why God takes people who are making such an amazing impact on our world. Why he allows those who cause suffering to live on. Is it ok for me to have these questions? maybe I won't know the answers until it is my time to die.


At 1:39 PM, Blogger Maria Kenney said...


I too am struggling to make sense of these losses. Why them, when they were so needed? I don't know, but I'm glad we're thinking about this together.

PS -- I'm sorry I told you about Beth on your answering machine!!!


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