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Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday... Happy Motherhood

My good friend has said before that celebrating your child's birthday should also be a day to celebrate you mothering that child. This past week was a week of celebration for me. And it was a week to celebrate Moriah turning 6 and Alexa turning 9!!
I didn't have this blog when I had them. Were there such things as blogs then? I am so behind the times, I don't even know. But I have to post this blog to honor my girls and also to honor motherhood. We also planted India's placenta last week. Sorry if that grosses you out. But I find it incredibly symbolic and beautiful that what nourished life to my child will now nourish life in a fig tree at the river house that I grew up going to and India will grow up going to as well. It will always be a reminder of her life and so much more. I placed it in the hole with India standing at my side saying "blessed are you placenta who nourished my child within my womb, and may you now nourish this fig tree to produce fruit to nourish us all in years to come..."

Here are a few photos (i had to scan them from my scrapbooks) of the births of Alexa and Moriah who I am so thankful to be mothering.

Alexa Kathryn

Moriah Hope


Alexa's party was a Hannah Montana party. That is what she wanted. And that is her age. What can I say. I gave her what she wanted and they had a blast. I didn't get a picture of Alexa dressed as hannah montana. It was pretty funny. Maybe for Halloween we'll do it again. The best part of the party was the dance contest. WE pulled out the strobe light. Most of them hadn't heard of one before. One friend lost her tooth because she banged into someone else. Luckily it was already loose!
I even danced a little with them, and then I had to ice my foot. Oh, I hate getting old! One friend sang a song to Alexa for her present. I love that! She has a beautiful voice. Alexa is so blessed to have so many good friends.

Moriah's birthday was a Green Eggs and Ham party (her favorite book). She dressed as Sam and we had everything green. We played a Cat in the Hat game and they mostly just played. Alexa was the face painter. She did a pretty good job. They all liked the cake but only a few tried the green deviled eggs:)


At 8:14 PM, OpenID bottomland said...

Oh, wow, you are an amazing mom! How did you do all those fancy cakes and green deviled eggs??? And I LOVE the ritual of planting the placenta. One of the saddest things for me about Clara's birth is that I never even got to see my placenta because it got whisked off to the lab for testing. :(

At 4:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so creative! The cakes are marvelous. Maybe you should good into the business! It looks like you had a great time. I wish we could have been there but enjoyed our time together the weekend before.


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