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Monday, January 19, 2009

Look Who Turned Two!

India Shiloah Lahr
26 lbs
34 inches
turned two on January 15, 2009 (MLK birthday)

India officially turned 2 on thursday. We didn't do anything to celebrate because we had planned to hang out at TSW and meet Gareth Higgins, a peace and justice writer from Belfast. I sat between Jamie and Gareth for probably two hours listening to really smart conversation, feeling like a total dummy, but I learned some cool stuff:) Anyways, I was planning on having a birthday party for India on Saturday just for our play group. My parents came up for it. But a couple days before the party, Alexa broke out with these bumps on her chest and back. She had had the chicken pox booster the week before, so I immediately knew what it was. I found out that it is very rare, but she had gotten the chicken pox from the vaccine. She wasn't contagious but I thought I should tell all the moms who were planning on coming for the party. Needless to say, it got rescheduled. So, we decided to have our own fun day on Saturday, despite the FREEZING COLD temps! After their baths, we headed for please touch museum. (Alexa wasn't contagious) We spent about 2 hours there before feeling totally exhausted.
Alexa displaying her creation of foam.

Moriah trying to decide what to make Mimi for dinner.

India assessing her patient.

India delivering the mail.

India in Wonderland

In other news...it was a crazy week! Chris got in a fender bender with our car. We bought this car for $1, 7 years ago from a friend. It is a junker on the outside (which has kept it from ever being stolen), but it has always run good with very little upkeep. We are still not sure if we will be able to fix it. It wasn't his fault and we are waiting to hear from their insurance. I am hoping they will give us enough money to go towards getting a new used car (anyone want to sell a car for a $1??). Well, we are blessed that nobody was hurt. Also, there was a shooting in front of our house this past week. I was trying to sleep when I heard it... then the choppers.... then the cop cars...all that drama that you just love seeing in front of your house. Well, the guy that was talking to the cops said someone shot at him twice and then ran. Luckily he had terrible aim.
Chris has left again for another week long trip. He has been teaching a class in Atlanta which is why he's been gone so much. He is enjoying it, but it's a lot of work. Of coarse he left depressed after last nights dissappointing loss. Well, I am trying to focus on a peaceful tomorrow. If we can get through the inauguration with no crazy happenings...well, it would be a better week than last. And we are having a party for India this Saturday (pictures to come).


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