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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fun times in Kentucky

I just returned from visiting friends in Lexington KY. It was Communality's 10 year reunion. Chris and I were there for the "ground diggings" of communality and it was so amazing to see folks there that I hadn't seen in nearly 10 years. It was just India and I that flew there, (thanks Kenneys). It was her first flight. She did ok, but I think it will be much easier when she has her own seat.

Hanging out with the Tatum and Kathe brought back some OLD times. I also saw the Trimbles, Lindles, and Klepacs. It was a weekend full of reunions.
Communality has been through a lot and grown in many ways over the years. There is still a big part of me that feels so at home there.
I especially loved meeting people that had come through communality since we had left there. They have become quite involved in the refugee community, so there were people from all over the world there.
But I mostly loved hanging out with the Kenney family. Good friends and good times. Great memories and even some great food:)


At 7:59 PM, OpenID bottomland said...

Oh, that's awesome! I knew from Maria that you'd been down there, but I didn't know why. It sounds like a great gathering.


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