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Saturday, November 03, 2007

the zoo with the fechos

Usually we are a zoo when we get together, but this time we went to the zoo. This was a weird experience for me. I wanted to get together with my friend rachel, and since moriah and alexa are in school now, play dates mean my one child and her three. Except her oldest had the day off from school (somehow, I missed getting a picture of him), so really it was her four. It felt weird only having one and her having her hands full. I love hanging out with Rachel though because she is one of the most calm moms I know. I know she doesn't feel this way about herself all the time, but she is amazing. I love hanging out with her kids. The twins are at such a fun age right now. The boys loved the snake eating the mouse so i had to get this picture in dedicated to Isaiah and Nathan. Lara and Maya would hardly sit still long enough for a picture, but they are full of cuteness! They love India and India loved the attention.


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