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Monday, November 12, 2007

Arise and Shine...

"This is how my mornings go, usually. Now that daddy is back home, mama and I can sleep in a bit longer and the whole day just goes so much smoother."

"This is how I wait in the mornings for mama to come get me. I just stand here and sing. Sometimes I like to get my exercise by doing squats while holding onto these bars. Great quad work!"

"Ok mom, I think that everyone who reads your silly blog knows that you think I am cute. Let's just get on with things. I am hungry!"

"This is what I do when I want more cereal. Mama taght me that. I think it is kind of funny that she needs me to clap to get her to feed me. What am I a cheerleader for the mom!"

"This is the best part. Look at that water fall. I am going to try to grab it...Hmmm, what is that warm wet feeling down my leg..."

"I love the water! Uh oh, Here comes mama with the towel. I am going to try to hold on real tight..."

"come on mama, my little body is shivering while you are trying to find the warmest outfit for me to wear today..."

and there she goes, fully clothed and ready to face the world head on...


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