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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Anyone want a dog?

Not really. We love Oskar, but whew, what a long stange trip it's been. We came to richmond on friday after the kids got out of school. It has been crazy ever since. Moriah woke the first night with the throw ups and a fever. She got over it within 24 hours just in time for Alexa to get the fevers, all the while both of them have had a cold. Now, Chris and I both have colds, india has the same cold she's had for a while with an ear infection, and Oskar has been pooping all over my parents house and my moms $2000 rug is ruined. Wonderful, right?!!!! Not enough to drive me to grow a few more grey hairs. Now Alexa is in the ER with a broken arm and we are waiting to hear if she needs surgery or not!!! Yep, Chris took the girls outside to have a fun time playing in the leaves. We invited the 2 neighbor girls over for some play time. Within 10 minutes, Moriah got a busted lip because she was buried under the leaves when another girl jumped in the pile and Alexa was preparing to jump in the pile when Oskar tried to join the fun and tackled her, buckling her knees and she landed on her elbow. She FREAKED! Oskar saw another dog and went chasing it, so Chris took her and I went to get him. Later I checked her out and felt pretty sure it was a sprain. She was in a lot of pain saying that she didn't want to wait minutes or hours for it to feel better. She wanted it to feel better that second and she burst in to tears saying she liked to be able to move her arm and didn't want it to be broken. Anyways, my dad got home within the hour and it was very swollen by that time so Chris and him took her to the ER where they are now. It is broken. The humerus near the elbow. They are putting on a half cast tonight and we'll take her to the orthopedist tomorrow to determine if she needs surgery. Please pray for a good outcome. As of now, Alexa is ok with having a cute colored and decorated cast, but she has no idea of the possibility of surgery.


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